Groupon 5 players Nundi confirms booking plus topup

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25/07/2015 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
River Raiders Paintball Range
Boundary Road & Valley Road
Roodepoort, 2188
South Africa

Nundi and Ryan in consultation with Rol to Pay R755 here in cash

Bookpaintball Bundle B 5 Player Party or catering SPECIAL for R275 – Best all round Value


5 Player Party BUNDLE B – R50 per player x 10 Players is R500.00 INCLUDES R50 for table service for Cloths, bowls for sweets crisps etc)

R50  per person with normal Boere or Hotdog or Hamburger plus Sauces ,  plus 2 x 2 Litre  1 x Coke 1x fanta plus 10 cups  plus 1 x 500ml Still water plus
R25 is a table cloth and bowl service and serving the cake knives as needed or sweets and plates etc INCLUDED in above bundle


You have received an order from Nundi Brouard. The order is as follows:
Order #2610 (23/07/2015)
Product     Quantity     Price
Groupon-Top 5 Catering for 5 players (#BP-GrouponTop5)
1     R275.00
Groupon Extra Ammo 1000 Paintballs R500 (#BP-GrouponExtra 1000 balls)
1     R480.00
Subtotal:     R755.00
Payment Method:     To pay here in cash
Total:     R755.00

Note: As instructed by Ryan to quote see order Payment via EFT today please or Cash on arrival only N.B Bring existing Groupon voucher

PaintBall Venue: River Raiders

Date of Booking Required: 25-07-2015

Session time 9am to 12pm: 9am to 12pm


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