Welcome To BookPaintball 2022

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For any possible PAINTBALL event  bookings during this period

Please whatsapp 076 719 4616 to arrange a suitable session booking only

Please RSVP Rol on whatsapp only please or sms or call

Hello Everyone see our latest  Specials for Bookpaintball!

Why Bookpaintball for only  6 or 10 Players, playing only 1 game round of 600 balls or 1000 balls

We Provide

  1. Top Quality Tipman Gun ,
  2. A Camo Overall and Facemask and chest protector,
  3. Rental is from a 2-3 hours sessions per player,
  4. See online prices and
  5. Call or Whatsapp Paul 076 719 4616 or Rol
  6. See reservation calendar and session times available
  7. Special chilled waters at R10 each
  8. Optional Special chilled 2 Litre cokes with    Cups in cooler and Ice
  9. Optional Special Braai bundle B for kids or bundle A for Adult or C for our Halaal customers
  10. Enquire about self catering options as well
  11. We want your event to be a success
  12. See out Deals of the Day.
  13. Terms and conditions apply for all Events calendar Bookings

NB Party Bookings are preferred for 12pm to 5.30 pm sessions

We suggest ordering a 3 field game rather as you are assured of

a satisfying 2 to 3 hours or more  at least of FUN Paintball

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